Welcome to the Python DeCal!

A course designed to make learning Python approachable and interesting for undergraduates. The course is entirely run by undergraduate students at University of California, Berkeley.


Python DeCal: Application Form (Spring 23)

Hello! Welcome to our 2-unit Python DeCal! 

The class meets MF 4-5pm in 131 Campbell Hall

Class Title + Code: Astron 98 001 - Python DeCal (#21090)

This course provides an introduction to the Python programming language with a focus on data analysis and research in astronomy, physics, and other sciences. The primary audience for this course is those who have no prior experience with programming and are intended/declared astrophysics/physics majors. As such, if you are already well versed in software development, this may not be the class for you. We estimate the weekly workload to be 3-6 hours. 

To sign-up for this DeCal, please fill out THIS FORM. We will send you the permission code to enroll once you fill it out! Some questions are there to gauge where you are at in your math and programming experience, but they will not be used to bar anyone from signing up for the course. However, it is not guaranteed that you will enroll in the course, either. It's more or less a check to make sure students who need the help get the top priority. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please e-mail us at meganajoseph@berkeley.edu , mahumkhan@berkeley.edu, tolley412@berkeley.edu, jonah514@berkeley.edu, pranathik@berkeley.edu